As your elected Bay Area Republican representative I will protect our way of life and make Education the top budget priority.  Additionally, I will stand up to preserve jobs and help our business community thrive.

A quick personal history:

My grandparents settled in central California after World War I.  They started and successfully operated several family businesses.  With today’s burdensome regulations, that probably would not have ever happened.  My father and I started our own community event to help local business thrive in our area which created hundreds of good paying jobs.  My wife, Megan, is an administrator at Voices Academies.  We have raised a beautiful daughter, Ashlynn.

I’m not a politician.  I’m a concerned citizen and businessman and technical solution engineer who knows how to make tough decisions to solve the problems facing our community.  I learned a long time ago that problems ignored do not go away.  They just get bigger and uglier and harder to resolve.  Time to turn that corner.  Blind partisanship, which caters only to the special interests and their big money, is the current state of affairs.  As a republican, I firmly believe it is not only possible, but absolutely necessary that we work together for solutions that will benefit and unite our community.

– Nathan Mallamace